Books & Booklets

The following booklets have been produced over the years. Some are in the process of reprint or re-vamping. All of these are cheaply priced except the Prophecy manual-currently £7. Please contact for further details.

  • The Holy Spirit (Booklet )
  • Take heed to yourselves (Timely warnings and exhortations )
  • Preparing and maintaining a good marriage.
  • Abraham, the friend of God
  • Food for Thought (4 volumes)
  • (Church magazine articles over many years compiled into challenging and exhortational articles for the believer)
  • Jacob-No longer Jacob, but Israel.
  • Hanukkah and the origins of Christmas.
  • Prophecies of a century fulfilled in a day.
  • 3 Messages for “Christmas” + Virgin birth+ The Christmas ‘tree’ (genealogy of Jesus)
  • The return of Jesus Christ in the last days. (Prophecy Manual ) (NOI a booklet)
  • The book of Ruth-From bitterness to blessing.
  • Revelation & the 7 Churches.(prophetic messages for today’s Church direct from the Scriptures)
  • Israel at 60.
  • Water Baptism.
  • The school of Healing (4 sections)
  • Ministry and function of Elders.(Helpful for Church leaders)
  • A basis of faith and fellowship.(guidelines to provide strong foundation for New Testament Churches)
  • Deacons (Helpful guidelines for this local Church ministry)
  • House group manual (Guidelines for cell groups within the Church)

Other booklets and books will be prepared in the future.