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Many of God’s people have lost this vital ingredient of the Christian life, particularly in today’s volatile and ever increasingly godless world. This can be through family circumstances, job loss, divorce and sadly even through Church politics or having to leave a Church or Fellowship through increasing apostasy or unbiblical practices or teaching. 1 Corinthians 13 v 13 gives the 3 backbones of the Christian life. FAITH, HOPE and LOVE.

There are not many messages preached on the second one. Hit a man and he can recover. Take away HOPE and he can be finished. Proverbs 13 v2 describes many – “HOPE DEFERRED MAKES THE HEART SICK “.” But when the desire comes. It is a tree of life “. Many never reach this second part. For the Christian, we need to believe and affirm what our HOPE is in the longer term. Ephesians 2 vs 12-13 gives the foundation. NO HOPE without Christ.

No basis for HOPE. We either have an endless hope or a hopeless end! 1 Peter 1 v 3 tells us that we receive the basis of HOPE by the new birth. V 4 tells us what that HOPE is long term. Ephesians 1 v 18 desires that “the
eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that you may KNOW what the HOPE of His calling is and what is the riches of His inheritance in the saints “. NO CALLING = NO real HOPE.

In Ephesians 6 we find described the ARMOUR we need to be soldiers of Christ. One piece is the HELMET OF SALVATION (5 v 17). The helmet covers the HEAD and represents our minds and though life and involves the following —fear of failure, doubt, indecision, unbelief, negative thoughts all of which contradict HOPE. 1 Thessalonians 5 v 8 describes this helmet as “The helmet of HOPE”. 1 Corinthians 13 v 13- Faith is in the heart (Romans 10 v 10), but HOPE is in the MIND.

A definition of HOPE is “A confident, unwavering expectation of good-that God will fulfil His promises and bring us to our desired haven.” Pessimism is a denial of faith – Rom 8 v 28. Observe Isaiah 41 vs 1-4-The Servant of the Lord JESUS CHRIST. It says “He shall NOT fail, nor be discouraged. Hebrews 11 v 1 tells us that FAITH is the substance of things HOPED for. Faith is for NOW and HOPE is for the FUTURE.

Hebrews 6 v 19 tell us that “HOPE is an anchor of the soul “. A ship needs an anchor to stabilise it. We pass the anchor through the water to the ROCK which is JESUS CHRIST. Hope is also like an ALTAR (Hebrews 6 v 18 reminding us that when Adonijah feared King Solomon in 1 Kings 1 v 50, he fled to the altar and held on to it, thus making himself safe.

Here some Scriptures for readers to dig out on this theme.

THE PROMISE OF HOPE : Col 1 V 5 – Col 1 v 27 – 1 Thessalonians 4 v 13 – Titus 1v2 – Titus 2 v 13 – Romans 8 vs 24-26 (Remember that the Holy Spirit HELPS our infirmities.

THE MEANS OF HOPE : Romans 15 v 13, Galatians 5 v 5. We through the SPIRIT wait for the HOPE. Romans 15 v 4-The Scriptures. Hebrews 10 v 36. Psalm 130 v 5. Notice SPIRIT, WORD and PATIENCE, 3 keywords.

THE PERSEVERANCE OF HOPE :Abraham- Romans 4 vs 18-20-who against HOPE believed in HOPE. Consider Joseph and the vision God gave him and how that was worked out! Colossians 1 vs 22-23 bearing in mind what happened to Demas. (2 Timothy 4 v 10. Romans 5 vs 3-4 TRIBULATION—PATIENCE—HOPE Notice the progression. Often TROUBLE can be the catalyst to HOPE. Hebrews 3 v 6. I Thessalonians 1 v 3. Hebrews 6 vs 11-15.

THE RESULTS OF HOPE: Rejoicing-Romans 5 v 2, Romans 12 v 12. 1 John 3 vs 2-3. 1 Corinthians 13 v 13. Ultimately faith and hope will not be needed when we reach heaven.

Here are some helpful and challenging quotes.

  • Lost hope is the undertakers’ best friend.
  • The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s sleep.
  • Hope is Biblical shorthand for unconditional certainty.
  • Hoping is disciplined waiting.
  • Hope is the mother of patience.
  • Our HOPE and future is as bright as the promises of God Zechariah 9 v 12.
  • May we all become PRISONERS OF HOPE.

(PS) This message will give most benefit to those who take time to look up and meditate on the Scriptures cited. And if you have lost HOPE may the Lord use these thoughts to help you to come to a new place of restoration.


The Faithfulness of God

When we consider the nature and character of God, we find that God has essential attributes which belong only to Him and also moral attributes which can become part of our lives through relationship with Him. One aspect of these is FAITHFULNESS, which is great (Lamentations 3 v 23), established (Ps 89 v 2), incomparable (Ps 89 v 8), unfailing (Ps89v 33) and everlasting (Ps 119v190).

It is manifested in His counsel (Isa 25 v1),in afflicting His saints (Ps 119v175, in fulfilling His promises (1 Kings 8 v 20),in keeping His covenant (Deut 7 v 9), in His testimonies (Ps 119v 138), in executing His judgments (Jeremiah 23 v 20), in forgiving sins (1 John 1 v 9) and to His saints (Ps 89 v 24).

A final expression of His faithfulness will happen for Israel a little way ahead (Hosea 2 v 20). Faith, faithfulness and stability are all very interconnected in the Bible both linguistically and in reality.

There are 12 ways in which God’s faithfulness is expressed to His people. If we can understand, experience and walk in the light of these, we will be a little closer to the heart of God. I encourage you to meditate on these. They will bless your soul.

  • 1 Cor 1 vs 8-9. Faithful to complete the work He begins in us.
  • 1 Cor 10 v 13. Faithful in times of temptation
  • 1 Thess 5 v 23. Faithful to sanctify us wholly
  • 2 Thess 3 v 3. Faithful to establish us, keep us saved and from the adversary.
  • 2 Tim 3 v 13. His own character is the ground of His faithfulness.
  • Heb 10v23. Faithful to keep His promises.
  • 1 John 1 v 9. Faithful to forgive our sins if we confess them.
  • Ps 89 vs 20,22,24 Faithful in defending His people.
  • Ps 143 v 1. Faithful in hearing our prayers.
  • Ps 119v175. Faithful in chastening His children. (See also Hebrews 12 v 6.
  • 1 Peter 4 v 19. Faithful when we are suffering for the faith.
  • Deut 7 v 9 & Psalm 89 v 34. God’s faithfulness is manifested in keeping His promise and Covenant and His fulfilling every word that goes out of His mouth regardless of what man does.

David SANG of HIS FAITHFULNESS and kings and princes’ worship because of the Lord that is faithful. How about us? Do we feed on His faithfulness and does it cause our hearts to sing, praise and give thanks.


Year 2017 Anniversary Dates …

2017 could be a very significant year for prophecy. It represents some significant ‘anniversary’ dates, both for PWMI as a movement, and particularly but not exclusively for Israel.

  1. The Ottoman Empire invaded Israel in 1517
    (2017 = 500 years later)
  2. The Eastern of ‘Golden gate’ was sealed under Suleiman the Great in 1517. Ezekiel 44:1-3 (2017 = 500 years later)
  3. The Reformation (Restoring biblical Christianity) started in 1517 with Martin Luther’s 95 theses of Wittenberg. Already being undone now in apostate Christendom.
    (2017 = 500 years later)
  4. Britain with the allied troops under General Allenby (a Christian) drove the Turks out of ‘Palestine’, starting with Beersheba and then Jerusalem in 1917.
    (2017 = 100 years later)
  5. The Balfour Declaration in 1917 establishing a homeland for the Jewish people.
    (2017 = 100 years later)
  6. Jerusalem was re-united under Jewish Governors in 1967. Luke 21:24
    (2017 = 50 years later Jubilee period)
  7. The House of Windsor began in 1917.
    (2017 = 100 years later)

Prophecy is always best judged on hindsight, after the events clearly occur! For example, we have had many false predictions made in the last forty (40) years over the date of the rapture, but God is always a God of order and precision or else the very Universe would fall apart.

Expect the Balfour Declaration to be challenged in 2017 by the ‘Replacement’ theologians and the enemies of Israel as we celebrate its 100 years anniversary.

If Israel is now being restored (despite seeming mistakes made politically or by its governments with a spiritual end in view) Ezekiel ch34-39, Romans 11:25-26, signifying the completion of the church age, then how much closer and imminent is the rapture of the Church and the saints for which event we should all be prepared and waiting. Hebrews 9:28

Israel has been called ‘God’s timepiece or prophetic clock’. Whilst out of the land, God’s prophetic clock stopped. Once back in the land, albeit in unbelief, the prophetic clock started ticking once again. The clock is at 11.59! It’s later than you think!


This message is reproduced from the article Pastor John Angliss wrote for PWMI in February 2017.

Open Doors (Part 1)

Difficult times, trying times and challenging situations all represent “OPEN DOORS” which are opportunities which the Lord gives to individuals and His people at different times in history, and are part of His eternal purpose. Navigating through these situations require faith and obedience on our part as “Without Him we can’t, but without us He won’t!” There are many doors mentioned in Scripture which we can all access. DOORS are something we must go through.

(1a) A DOOR must be:

  • Unlocked (Sometimes a KEY is required as well)
  • Pushed,
  • Gone through.

(1b) DOOR of Salvation

God opens the DOOR OF Salvation to individuals (John 10:9; Matt 25:10; Luke 13:25)

Both the ark and the tabernacle had DOORS through which people had to go before they could experience the benefits, blessings and revelation of what was the other side.

(2) DOOR of Service

He opens or shuts the DOOR of service to His people. He alone knows where each of them should be and what they should be doing. He knows their conditions, talents and capabilities. We only have to have a little strength where there is confession of Christ and obedience to His WORD and He will open doors of ministry. Neither the gates of hell nor the Roman Empire could hinder the early Church. A Church or individual may be small or weak, poor or despised, but only let them be TRULY READY and doors will mysteriously be opened that neither the power of satan nor the malice of man can shut.

PRAYER opens doors. The KEYS are, faith, obedience and the revelation of the Holy Spirit.

(3) DOOR of Opportunity

He opens and shuts doors of opportunity to people and nations (Acts 17:26-27; 14:27; 16: 6-10)

“Come over into Macedonia and help us “. God directed Paul and his companions to Galatia and Phrygia, but not to Bithynia and Asia. He brought them to Troas and opened a DOOR to the whole of Europe. He who once having forbidden them to preach in Asia, LATER IN HIS PERFECT TIME, led them to Ephesus, the Chief city of Asia. An OPEN DOOR requires (1) OPPORTUNITY and (2) RESPONSIBILITY. For a Church or individual, opportunities to believe unto salvation, to glorify God, to serve Christ, to do exploits in His Name, to win crowns, to lay up in Heaven ETERNAL RICHES. Responsibility to be faithful and diligent in service.

(4) DOOR of revelation

He opens DOORS for revelation and deeper communion in the Holy Spirit. (Rev 4:11; Proverbs 25:6-7)

(5) DOORS into new blessings

Places of TROUBLE and DIFFICULTY can be DOORS into new blessings (Hosea 2:15; Josh 7:26; Isa 65:10)
The valley of ACHOR (Trouble) for a DOOR of hope. 1Corinthians 16:8-9 reveal a mighty door which opened. “A great and effectual (Gk- energes-energetic) DOOR IS opened unto me and there are many adversaries.”  Biblical doors will often attract opposition, which shows the opportunities are genuine. This door opened up the model Church which was birthed at Ephesus. See also again the Church at Philadelphia (Revelation 3 vs 7-13). This Church represents prophetically, the last days TRUE Church, the MISSIONARY CHURCH, as opposed to Laodicea, The PEOPLE’S CHURCH, which had shut the door to the Lord Jesus, the HEAD of the Church. See Revelation 3:20. God shuts doors but also opens them. May we all be open to the DOORS which the Lord is opening to us at this time. Amen.

Every blessing!

Pastor John Angliss